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Household Trash & Yard Waste

Trash is collected weekly. This service provides curbside trash collection to approximately 8500 locations. City ordinance requires homeowners to separate their vegetation (yard waste) from other debris, such as household garbage, any type of lumber, etc. Two separate trucks collect the material: one for vegetation and one for trash.

No yard waste in bags!

At the October 2007 City Council meeting, the "Yard Waste" ordinance was amended. Yard waste which is made up of brush trimmings, grass clippings, and leaves can no longer be placed in bags in of any kind. There will be a grace period until November 15, 2007 to allow residents time to adjust. Until the deadline your debris will be continued to be picked up in bags but a flyer will be placed on your door making you aware of the changes. Below is a copy of the ordinance...


(A) Regular yard waste will be picked up once a week unless unforeseen circumstances arise. Unforeseen circumstances may be, but is not limited to, a natural disaster or an over abundance of yard waste that will warrant a pick up on the next business day. Yard waste of any kind may not be placed in plastic bags of any size. Grass clippings shall be placed in a separate pile from brush trimmings. 
(B) The leaf collection route will be run by a schedule that is determined by the Public Works Department each year. Regular leaf pick up will start on or about October 1 of each year and end on or about April 1 of each year. Leaves must be at curbside and must not block sidewalks, lanes of travel or ditches. Leaves may not be placed in any plastic bag of any size. 

The City of Easley Does Not Collect or Haul These Items:

The City of Easley Does Not Collect or Haul...

  1. Brush or Yard Debris from Work Done by Contractors
  2. Any Debris from Construction or Repair (Contracted or Self Repair)
  3. Asphalt Shingles or Roofing Materials
  4. Lumber, Gutters, Sinks, Commodes, Windows, or Doors
  5. Carpet or Floor Covering
  6. Paint Cans Containing Wet Paint
  7. Landscape Timbers or Crossties
  8. Chemical or Used Chemical Containers
  9. Hazardous Household Materials
  10. Lead Acid Batteries
  11. Tires or Automobile Parts
  12. Mulch, Dirt, Rock, Stone, Brick, or Block
  13. Stumps Larger than 8” in Diameter
  14. Brush Larger than 6’ long & 8” in Diameter
  15. Empty Any Type of Waste Containers
  16. E-waste: Electronics, Televisions, Radios, Computers, Microwave Ovens, Etc.  Please CLICK HERE to see the City's  policy regarding E-waste.

These items should be disposed of by the home owner or contractor.
If You Have Any Questions Please Call The Public Works Department: 864-855-7916.

Note: White goods and brown goods need to be separated into 2 different piles in order to be collected

White Goods Pick Up

The city will collect and haul white goods household items on Wednesday of each week. You will need to call our office by 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday at 855-7916 to be placed on a list for pick up.

These Items Include:

  • Washing machines
  • Dryers
  • Stoves
  • Refrigerators
  • Dishwashers
  • Hot water heaters

If you hire someone to do the replacement work or have a retail store deliver your new appliance, they are required to haul off your old item(s). Electronic items such as TV’s, radios, VCR’s, microwaves and toasters need to be taken to a recycle center. Please CLICK HERE to see the City's policy regarding E-waste.

Brown Goods Pick Up

Brown goods are furniture items such as couches, chairs, dressers, mattresses and box springs. These items will be collected and hauled by the city on Wednesday’s also except on holiday weeks. Please call our office at 855-7916 to be placed on a list for pick up.

For more information or any questions you may have please call the Public Works office 855-7916.

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